It can be wonderful, it will be. And yes I really mean it. Mad housewife era legs apart in standing position in front of the microphone guilty of wearing a black T-shirt. Oo la laa.

♥Path of making human rights happen is and has been long and dangerous, too long I must add, but it is worth walking for many reasons. Behind the claims for human rights is thought of human worth as such, it goes without questioning. Appreciation for life as possession is based on assumption, knowledge and belief a person has worth as irreplaceable individual, unique miracle. Yes you are a unique miracle! Mixing religion into it – life is God-given and it is not people’s place to judge, torture or end someone’s life. Uniqueness is a fact, beauty of life despite horrors and bullshit is precious.

There, now we can begin to think God’s starting points in creating us. Why on Earth? Must be a mistake.

Questions of human’s duties, responsible decent human being does tasks of everyday life to survive. In that sense life is more about responsibilities than rights. I think this from my point of view that duties are to sustain life of mine, my family and make lives of my fellow citizens more comfortable. 

Questions on human rights, how are they fought, gained and sustained. Rights? Do I have nothing but rights, what about responsibilities, duties. What is my duty as a human being now to do? What can I say to cyber bullies for example? Go fuck yourselves.

Those who have responsibilities in the making and taking can be called active members of an evolving society. Responsible society takes care of its members, but also makes responsible. People who know their responsibilities. How do they become to know what is expected of them? Is it a question of education, learning from example? 

It is of course give and take. Pleasure and nuisance.