Descent into hell. Icon. Second half of 14th century. Collection of State Russian Museum

Divine Harmony, there was a dark hair in between the first pages of the booklet. Lucernarium psalms and stikhirad (verses)
O mild Light, mercy of Peace, praise
troparion (something repeated) short hymn
polyphonic we
drink coffee out of vases,
hang ourselves to trees and ceilings
no time to get gloomy though
Week of the Blindman with clay in his eyes

I think he was telling me the truth on Easter Monday. Nonsense. Couple of lines from a movie Big Bullet written down for fun: My name is Bird. My name is Bird.
Don’t stare at me. Please. My name is Apple. Forget Fiona.
My name is Jeff. Anything else?
My name is Tongues of fire?
Maybe, You want blood on your hands? Why would I want that?