Random scenes in a lost world

Light in the dark ← video
Light in the dark2 ← video

I must ask this because it is a striking contradiction within the art world, narcissism gets the best of it. There are patterns that repeat ill that revolves inside a small space without chance of healing nor change. What kind of spiritual leader an artist is and should that be the case of an artist? What is artist’s task other than bring light? It is what is emphasized somehow, but there is very little profound spirituality there or will to find unity and compassion. That artist has her view on the world which she reflects on her work. There is everything she faces, experiences, hears and sees put in to be the image of what is. Does that change anything, the reflecting, should there be an alternative to that image copied over and over? The world or the world that humanity makes that is very complex and problematic not finding a cure for that illness that torments from day-to-day and is obvious and hurtful.

Is artist a leader at all or a guide and what kind of artist is a guide?