The results of world having been conquered. Are you liking it?

What is especially sad when people who are politicians in the EU, salesmen, businessmen, journalists etc. discuss what Europe should do now as it is in continuous depression, they talk about industrial expansion, innovative technological conquering of markets, new electronic devises, growing of the GDP and how do we get this growth we much need and desire. How do we get growth? What is it in this self-centered world view that is so revolting is that there is nothing that is more precious than what we gain, what we make of it, to profit, to make the wealthier even more rich by exploiting the poor. Terror and devastation that has happened is happening in many African countries still. Blindness continues and we like to move on without much thinking about it. It is intolerable ignorance and indifference by governments and corporations in terms of making money out of misery of people and abusing natural resources as sucking blood with unstoppable thirst. There are severe catastrophic situations many countries have found themselves in without much hope getting out of these violent and horrible paths taken and acts of crimes committed.

This all is nothing new. The most devastating thing is that so little has changed and is changing. Natural resources lure crime, destitution and hopelessness make people desperate and cruel. Or is it greed that makes cruelty a never-ending way for humans?
“The new president had the support of the United States because of his staunch opposition to Communism, believing that his administration would serve as an effective counter to communist movements in Africa. A one-party system was established, and Mobutu declared himself head of state. He periodically held elections in which he was the only candidate. Although relative peace and stability were achieved, Mobutu’s government was guilty of severe human rights violations, political repression, a cult of personality and corruption. Corruption became so prevalent the term “le mal Zairois” or “Zaïrean Sickness”,[26] meaning gross corruption, theft and mismanagement, was coined, reportedly by Mobutu himself.[27] International aid, most often in the form of loans, enriched Mobutu while he allowed national infrastructure such as roads to deteriorate to as little as one-quarter of what had existed in 1960. Zaïre became a “kleptocracy” as Mobutu and his associates embezzled government funds.”

Is conquering the world an essential goal for Europe? What is there to conquer other than material possessions?

The whole idea of taking over a market is preposterous. To take over markets to rule the world, whatever markets there are. To take over graphics and ratings to show off. Markets that consumers make, that are us. The question is how do we change ourselves and our behavior since we affect the whole world as a market still by consuming or not consuming. To take over minds of consumers is to give maps and guide how to act. For experts to tell us what we are doing wrong. What is ultimately wrong as we struggle in financial depression that does not seem to go away, fade away from our backs. Why do we struggle so much in this constant turmoil of a floating state of misery? We see where we probably should be going but do not act upon it. There are many advises, advisers, but still we do not move from this thing. Why is it so much an agony to change a way of thinking? Because it should be complete?

One example is the voting for gay marriage. Finland is in principle a secular country, but still when it comes to issues of altering a way of thinking that is an ancient relic, we have a huge fight over it. Bible is certainly dragged into it and rights of children. We are worried. Let me remind you that the world is built by the straight world view. It is not a pretty sight. Must be God’s work. Hypocrisy is so obvious and ridiculous. In a secular country religion does not dictate legislation. Religion, Christianity in this case, has lots to say in who has the right to maintain power structures as they have been, who has a say over what changes and what not and how those structures function for society, to benefit who. Religion to decide over people’s lives is walking on thin ice. In a country where church and state are separate issues of who can get married should have been solved already.

Ideas to conquer the world? To make the markets profit. Isn’t the big picture made of small dots.