It can be difficult to talk to women as they were human beings, but it tells more about you than of women. You are just a pig.

inspired by the phenomenon of making sounds at women: It is still called catcalling. Women as animals, men as people.
Men who talk to women as they were dogs, women as dogs are called cats, like dogs to whistle to women asking something from men when passing by just by being women going somewhere, because women are needy and vulnerable; do you want my company, do you want me? You must want me.

Coming to you, smiling to you, being nice to you, showing interest in you, going with you, wanting you to take her to places, being with you, wanting you, adoring you, touching you, serving you. Surely you will take care of me, won’t you now.

As they who are whistled to were dogs and are in a position of dogs to those who have opportunity and permission to do gestures and sounds meaning something as gifts and courtesy. Them men as an interested right party when women pass by. It is a right way to treat women, something they should accept as their part. Those who stand by cease their opportunity, are playing their part. There isn’t anybody telling them they do something wrong, if there is a countering message it does not sink in. Catcallers act their power play, because they are not able to do anything else. They are incapable of changing their ways, because there is not any need to in their minds, in their world. In  their minds they think they do the right thing gender-wise calling from above to a piece of ass and tits. Something they were born to do for themselves and for women, in that moment of standing by, waiting and looking, catching fish, their prey.

A woman is an opportunity, a different species to eat and consume. There is always a simple any woman to catch in this kind of world which sees women as something to be caught and used. What there is to talk to a dog? What there is to talk to a woman? Only things she wants to hear. Do women have anything to say other than thank you? Do you as men have something else to say, something else to see than body parts? Are you waiting for a reply other than kick in the nuts? Wagging of a tail, tender look of wet eyes who look at you admiringly? I am yours. I am something to own, take me with you. Men who take their time to gaze women as their right and as a compliment to women. Something to contribute to lives of women. We are thankful for every interest you show. How nice of you.