Female body is strictly regulated possession, it is under conscious and cruel use of power. We monitor consciously and unconsciously bodies of ours and others to fit in. It is obsessive and means are never enough. This is an everyday topic, topic of attraction and what kind of options we have and are given.

How does a person become herself/himself in a society of strict codes of living? To do things that are forbidden and hide with them, or to do what you like and face consequences and punishments. Is being yourself to be able to do what you wish? Aren’t I and self connected in doing and making my way, which all should do. I become me when I am active, because making makes me evolve as a person. What is this person to society? In this sense it is horrifying to think that women are restricted from doing and being active persons. Women are restricted from evolving globally. I am also product of my society where I am what I do, a making, accomplishing person. Those who do not work what are they, why are they labelled as something less? Making which does not directly create money is considered not as important. Money makes value. To be important is to label, to have a say, what is that for a position? There are examples of where women are under strict religious order (it looks to me the most of the world is under such order). Women are monitored, capsuled and punished if not doing as they are commanded to do. I do not speak of one particular religion. It seems to be characteristics of all religions to have power over women, of what they are capable of. Women are under command whether it is faith or capitalism. Why is it that women need to be under authority of man. It is hilarious to even have to ask. It is a joke, the authority of man and the desire for power over. It is a joke to want power for the sake of having power.