What are we waiting for? It is a broken record that’s playing.

It is the obvious we are not doing. Which the obvious I see and all should be doing is to reconsider and investigate, stop and see the alternatives, stay in that reconsidering moment of not quite sure but there is no other choice but to choose and change- kind of moment. Walk and wonder.
It is the most difficult thing to do to try and change one’s patterns of thinking and behavioral models that have shaped you and are more or less given to you (if you do not resist). The environment and society we are grown into is the most strongest of all structural forces that mold us and desire to keep us under a rule, being obedient and lawful practicing those given tasks and roles being nice and clean. Orders of how to be a human in a civilized world, to find a job, which things to be interested in, which is our main goal to have a role to play, to work and make a living. Human is an active species. Strange to speak of species as if we were aliens, which we partly are, constant aliens. It is demanding to know first yourself and then someone else and find a place in the world. For some people to manage this it is almost impossible, it can be too much as it is made more and more difficult to find a place. It is more common to think you know the answers, that you know someone through and through rather than actually find that person out and find the world out. Easy ways do not lead to the correct answers most likely.
What this has got to do with apathy and playing the same broken record, which I think is the main reason financial depression is not solved, environmental awareness and awakening move ahead so slowly, human rights issues drag behind, reasons of not doing anything about those issues that need desperately something to be done about. Apathy that rises and dwells there where there is nothing to do, nothing can be done, people feel left out, incapable, out of resources and alone with lot of problems. Apathy which eats you and makes you think you are nothing, cannot do anything and nothing can be done. It is the society that makes you feel that way. Apathy is a trap you should not fall into. For society and democracy it is a dangerous way to think that we are left without means, ideas, capabilities and capacities and let a mass feel this way is irresponsible politics. How does it happen so easily? Are robots going to take over? Are we too spoiled and not given enough stimulus or kicks in the butts to become lazy and indifferent?

http://theweek.com/articles/553704/capitalisms-dirty-little-secret?utm_source=links&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=twitterBut in modern capitalism, access is everything. More than anything, access to the cooperative economic ecology keeps us all employed. We all depend on each other to keep the economy humming and to provide a robust safety net, so we’ll have the money to pay everyone else for the needs of life.Thinking through how we can encourage a sense of place and community in our market interactions is certainly worthwhile. But the economic changes are driving the cultural changes here. And we aren’t going to go back to being self-reliant agrarian yeomen, each responsible for our own little plot of husbandry.”

http://www.theguardian.com/media/2015/may/07/how-friendship-became-tool-of-powerfulDriven particularly by neuroscience, the expert understanding of social life and morality is rapidly merging into the study of the body. One social neuroscientist, Matt Lieberman, has shown how pains that we have traditionally treated as emotional (such as separating from a lover) involve the same neurochemical processes as those we typically view as physical (such as breaking an arm). Social science and physiology are converging into a new discipline, in which human bodies are studied for the ways they respond to one another physically.