Getting brutal, got rude, arrogant, willingly, I enjoyed it, my brutality, saying how I felt, skipping over the damaged area, mutilated, hanged by the neck, by things sticking out, looking at that position. How can you say that? Don’t say it out, please, hanging, hung, dripping, dropped. The Official method of loud hanging very convincingly, women and character that must be trained, women and nature that must be controlled, beautified, one should enjoy.

She deserves it. What she deserves?

Some torture, pencil on paper, 2016

What she deserves?
It is true, I have a condition and it is called Fuck you. Dye yourself blonde, dye your hair blonde, change yourself completely is the message. It equals beauty. Be skinny and fit, it equals to what? Torture? What is it? Essentials to being beautiful is to be less and not aggressive, agreeable to a point you can’t say anything back, be nice so that you do not disturb and it is what it means to be a woman and behaving like one. How to be pleasant wearing Crazy Love the fragrance is a tightrope and you are under looking glass. The flaw is in you.

Beauty is subjective. It is when you are able to do what you want and be free? To stick penis into her mouth and make her choke, make her throw up as she should, die as she should, killed by penis in her mouth, mouth like a sewer. Beauty is in the image and you are not it. That is discussed, being disgusted by her feeling empowered by herself and taking that feeling away it is the right thing to do, she does not deserve to feel powerful.

Every Finn has a relationship to Russia. (Sadist at work. What’s not to love.)

All the things that Russia is inspire me. To understand this is probably difficult but I guess my feelings and thoughts are normal considering in part I am from Russia and anything Russian was present in Finland in my childhood. As Russia was in the News all the time, an influence via the media given for us. It is of course like all big nations are a constant puzzle and cause of chaos, all the time. I am almost obsessed partly because we are neighbors, because the country is dangerous and the influence we have had from Russia is mighty huge in many ways. Partly because the amount of grandiose, contradictions, sheer lunacy and wildness are beyond anything else. Dark mystery of Russian mind or mysticism, an abysmal depth, and violence that scare both the shit out of me, a history to sink into, a turmoil that is a nonstop mess politically, socially and culturally, painful and bloody for the most part and to follow the soap opera is to realize that this all is happening. The whole of Russia is an explosive entity that excites me as a place and state of mind and has done so always. The question is why the threat Russia likes to embody and keep alive? Russia, the scare and secrets it holds, which mystery it still is for Finland as we wonder what will Russia do next, a criminal for the rest of the world but something we are related to. Criminal is what it politically enjoys being. Such monstrous fear justifies warring just to keep fear alive and well, justifies inequality and bullying because big guys do so, not mentally mature though. Russia enjoys it grandiose and megalomaniac attacks. Its war history is such a big part of the image and character of Russia that warring is something it seems to do naturally. Amount of veterans and problems caused by wars inside the country are also gigantic. It is at constant war also with its own people. Therefore to be peaceful and start building an equal and peaceful country that does not threat its neighbors and the US is a faraway dream country, unthinkable almost to achieve but lovely to hate. How to change something that is historically and organically a law and a habit, violent macho culture? The way things are, ways people think and what things are unthinkable, unimaginable, out of reach. To keep decades long feuds going deserves a prize.

Russia could, if it was in its interest, change Russia completely for the better, meaning better for all Russians and its neighbors. Nevertheless violence and the attraction to deadly games and sadism is unescapable. I adore Russia for its culture and because it is so different to Finland, the sterile cubical Finland. I adore beauty of Russia, naturally, which beauty makes me melancholic and blue, which wildness/ melancholy/wilderness/unexpectedness is in its people, literature, vodka, food, cities, in its size and in its history. Savages, I love your beauty! Russia is an endless game, un suspicion, that does not change all the time to be a contemporary country among others as history is always present as is the suspicion. The way of thinking is a monolith. Nothing is erased, corrected, hidden or something to be ashamed of, other than the assassinations and hazy businesses might be something to rethink. But Russia is moving ahead in someways, rolling ahead and changing maybe visually, how about culturally? Trying to be cool and being definitely scary is a very special feature.

I cannot erase the image of Brezhnev’s funeral from my mind as the occasion was shown on Finnish TV in the 80’s or the nuclear threat or the possibility that Russia any day might do the same as it did 1939 attacking Finland. Somehow possibility of revolution seems impossible, that Russian people would or could overthrow Putin, never. So far we are friends. It is a strange friendship, honest and dishonest at the same time. Something that one can only have with Russians.

Here are some of photographs I took in Kronstadt 2001. Haven’t Photoshopped them, so there is dust.

Reality hits those who like to cherish illusions.

Reality of another person can be extremely hard to grasp and see, even though it is right in front of you. It is the impossibility of understanding feelings of the other, seeing the position where one may be and how one got there. Value of the other, feelings of the other can be denied, belittled and despised just because you can. Reality of someone who is despised as such. Christians like to repeat we are born equal, somehow it does not resonate in true life. Christianity, the religion, is an excuse to put people down since God is on side of those who have the right god. Even though people don’t practice faith they are born in to culture which 100% has roots to some religion and practices of religious ideas, stories, beliefs and traditions. We are as cultural beings bound to religion, faith, mysticism, rules, which tell us how to live and how we see our place in the world and among other people.
What are realities now that religious people see in society which is more open to difference but still is very violent towards many people. Society is sexually more open, at least in theory, in entertainment and in advertising, demanding equality, equal treatment of the sexes, open discussion is available demanding tolerance and freedom of expression and speech. Religions are not the most tolerant. Religious entities are not demanding end of violence quite the contrary. Religions make war possible. Hypocrisy flourishes. How easy it is to not look. When religion demands hiding of our nature, hiding of beauty because it is seen evil and corrupt, how divine and godly that religion actually is. In societies where sexual intercourse is a sin, a taboo which makes all sexual topics shameful, all which is banned happens in hiding. We are punished for our sins which usually are of sexual nature. We are punished for wanting, desiring, lusting, having dirty ideas and doing filthy acts. Touching can become illegal and scary. Touching is too much to take, not to speak of kissing.
As an artist I am used to seeing nudity and I think it is the most natural thing as is sex. Just to depict and see nakedness is not porn, female and male sexual organs as such are not pornography to me, sexual yes but anything can be sexual. Asshole is holy as Allen Ginsberg stated in his poem Howl. What a scandal that became, all what he wrote was against the comfort and mediocre American society held dear. Dear hypocrisy, dear silence, dear oblivion, dear order which cannot be broken because it is not proper. Violence is more tolerated than sex. Violence is normal, so normal people don’t necessarily see when they are being violent and accept bullying when someone is to be put in order, be punished for what one is, dares to be in public. Order which cannot be torn apart because it is too frightening, too much to handle.


Division, separation, segregation, mutilation, denial, hate, abundance.

It is a demand and fight for human rights to happen for women, children and men, for indigenous people and other beings who are persecuted because of their gender, ethnicity, background, religion, sexual orientation, disability, difference of any kind to defend those who cannot defend themselves. In this regard feminism is not a cause of women only ideology and movement. Women contribute much in welfare in all society starting from home and neighborhoods. Feminism is a necessity and vital opposition against tyranny of corporations and traditions which are creating illusions of perfection and what is right. Feminism is opposition to tyranny of man, tyranny of people as products, against objectification, against tyranny of color, size, ideologies, values, tyranny of finance and irrational decision-making. Women are and have been enslaved to the illusion of perfection, an image of manipulative created clone giving pleasure and finding security through being desirable. In addition to that women are caretakers, providers, producers of new people biologically, socially, culturally and traditionally. Educating girls to their roles as girls, future women, persons and people begin from very young age. We are manipulated to know what is our part. Somebody else knowing what is anybody’s place and meaning in this life is the root of inequality and injustice. A practice of likable personality is a kind of survivalist plan within patriarchical society. Practices of girliness, manhood and womanhood to set security, heterosexual practice of servitude, obedience and slavery. Woman is foremost a sexual being whose sexuality must be controlled and whose body is a possession and is either holy or cursed, disrespected and impure. Situation is such for millions and millions of women. Women who do not have a choice but to breed and feed and protect their honor which is also honor of man and family. There are tasks in society given to women on grounds of natural and on grounds of how things have been done before. How women should look like, what are feminine features and things to do. The whole gender issue should be addressed in technological language as women are much seen as objects and machines. Place of woman falls on her systematically and orderly without much questioning and without many wanting to change that pattern. This is how the factory functions, orderly producing brainwashed products. Case in many countries is that women have the part of reproduction and serving, which is fine if it is voluntarily chosen path in someone’s life. Why such control over women is still possible? How the kind of social factory has place anymore? Why woman needs to be put into a position of a dog and why women stay in that given place?

When I open my eyes, what do I see? There is despair in the air, panic of losing, youthful looks as possessions to be sold as anything else. But why be bothered by this? There is nothing I can do to change the whole culture, only myself. Quickly before it fades away. Beauty is glue, people glued luring gazes looking for something to steal. It is a weapon as well as punishment, the gaze. Punishment of being watched, looked at. Why does it hurt? I should enjoy of the stares, where else people should place their eyes than to each other.


Ritual blood spill.

Feminism as I see it, is part of humanism in a profound and attached, combined way, it cannot be chopped off for the reasons like it sounds old-fashioned or it does not glitter enough.  So does philosophy for some, sound like. It does not work or you don’t like, which one? Or you don’t want the stigma?

Humanism would be missing its body part. Humanism is our consciousness. We can hope for it not to be paralyzed, cut to parts that can’t understand each other, as it now seems to be the case. There are women who like to say that they are not feminists ( for some reason those who get to say it so it becomes news are American, “I am this and that, but I am not feminist”..), those same people believe in strong and equal womanhood, strong woman, strong human, what is that, in terms of capitalism, what is a strong human in terms of humanity? Being above what, that other, giving orders or as strong as, as good as, but different. Problem is in seeing feminism as counter activism, against any other, like an outer negative force that wants to put parts of society in feminist kind of order. I have one request for every woman, if you do not relate to feminist why bring it up at all. Be a good sport. It’s good to be good. Women if they feel strong and are capable of acting out in their society as respected members are bound to feminism and its achievements, due to fighting for equal human rights most women can vote, be part of politics and speak their mind.

Disrespect for feminism is disrespect for humanity.