Moral disaster

The unbelievably horrible state of mankind is what we are looking at daily. How to comprehend it without sinking into despair and hate, into a world without hope? What other to do than to look at it, this destruction of man straight in the eyes? The eyes of the destroyer. What else, other than to be appalled by what people are capable of? Why are some people capable of mass murder in a blink of an eye, just like that with no remorse? How are people in a world that puts few up and a mass in poverty? Is it just life?
Injustices happening all over all the time do not seem to lessen nor becoming less violent, quite on the contrary. Value of human life is a concept like sand, it itches, gets in your shoes, makes dunes and deserts. It is there, but what can you do with it? How do you understand it? That something, that someone whom you do not know, but who irritatingly exists. What do you do to that existence, that valuable and yet to that nothing that seems to multiply endlessly? That is what millions and millions of people are to authorities, to those who have power, who have money, arms, forces and contacts; slaves without any human rights, who can be mutilated, abandoned, killed and forgotten.
Part of the world today is such that people are executed in public and bodies left dead and displayed for people to see for days. That part of the world has a different meaning for life, why we are here and what is the meaning of human life. A life where each of us has a meaning to serve god. This is what I am told and evidence of this is clear. But to me only god visible is human. People serve people with so-called mandate from god. What is happening is very godless. People are evaluating what human life is worth and who serves who. People are brainwashed to believe god has something to do with mass slaughtering and that there are unfaithful infidels who deserve to die. This kind of insanity has no end. Absolute belief that knows no variety, no mercy, no other than redemption by death is a dead-end itself.