Where I aim? I aim to be the best I can be. It seems to be quite much and possibly too much for society to handle. Why is that?

I am told I work much. Well, I like what I do and it is who I am. I push myself for a reason and it brings me joy in a world where there is little joy for someone like me. So I invent my joy and reason for living. This time and age we are warned not to concentrate too much on work, but as an artist it is compulsory, at least for me, to concentrate and focus, pay attention. I wish more people would do that. So don’t come and tell me how much I should work, don’t comment the amount of work. It is boring and useless. I know my work myself. I have been doing this enough to know when to rest. If you are concerned, I can say I sleep well and enough. Thank you for your concern. Or was it me you were concerned or something else? That I might become excellent at what I do, a threat because I am skilled? It is funny to see how a woman is a threat and becomes a threat, for women and men. When I am a welder I am seen as competitor and if I am better than men I sure as hell am threatening. Women cannot be better at work that is men’s work traditionally. Same goes with art and science. First there is huge doubt, “She will not make it”. Well as difficult as it is made for me to make it, I have made something out of the difficulty haven’t I.
Here is a piece of advise: When young women and women of any age want to try out a male-dominated work do not bring them down, because you are afraid they will become better at the work, invent news ways of doing and take your jobs, your opportunities, take the glory which is meant for you, because you are men. In schools which aim to the average, which tell student they are not able to succeed, competition is so heavy etc. kind of thing that drags down and does not encourage, I can say you have got the wrong kind of teachers. Cynicism and doubt do not belong to the attitude of a good teacher. Students are the ones you must believe in, always.

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Can I enjoy my little joy? Is it a sin? Depends what your joy is.