Hate is a feeling. What else is it?

How do we justify hate? How do we know hate, recognise it, talk about it and what do we do when we hate, more importantly, what does hate do to us? Culturally for example misogyny is structural and embedded in the culture tightly. We grow to know it but not necessarily understand it or be able to change it just like that, so it feels like a natural thing which is there for a reason. We are part of the hate machine which hides away this bad thing hate because good people do not hate. It is bad people who do hate crimes, talk foul and do misconduct. We learn to act and behave by the norms of the culture and we learn not to talk about the demanding shameful issues like hating. So how does the culture change if we are so bound by its laws? How do we change if we are afraid of what we feel, we are incapable of recognising our emotions, talk about them and are afraid to look in the mirror?

We learn to control our feelings to a certain extent in a certain way. Hold them back give them forward in suitable doses and packages so that there are boundaries which we do not dare to cross unless we must. Culturally bound ways of how women and men are expected show their emotions and how they are to act upon feelings keep us repeating patterns of behaviour and ways to exist in a society, succeed or fail. We can be hugely restricted, restricting, unable, neurotic and afraid. Feelings can make one go crazy and lost. Anybody who objects and questions the normal by way of living and doing is odd, an outsider, behaving out of ordinary by disturbing the status quo of coded balance, safety and order of things which have been done and should be done in a certain way.

It can be good to disturb and it can be bad, it can be bad to have strict rules and it can be good. Who gets to decide what behaviour is justified and when things go out of hand? Where to go when feelings are making one a wild out of control freak? Is it a place of hiding or going to a doctor? We all use judgement over ourselves and over other people. We think we know and we think we know better, we think we can hurt because we are better. It is a very efficient way to control behaviour by collective judgment and punishment, shame and losing something vital if.

Negative emotions and who are allowed to show them and act upon them are an important path to collective consciousness. What do those feelings make us do, how do feelings make us and tell of us? Who is the target of our hate and why we hate someone we don’t even know? Why feminism and feminists are constantly targeted and female emancipation seen a threat to male dominance? Men must dominate because they always have? Intellectually they do not, so I don’t understand the need to master people whom cannot be put to that old know place anymore. Why is it important for one group to dominate all others and hinder progress because that is what is still happening. Men’s rights activist further only rights of men, usually rights of white men. Feminists further human rights. The most demanding task for men is to let women decide for their lives and for their bodies. Proof of weakness is the thought that women are possessions that need to be guarded and kept unchanged.



Small Christmas party

http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/29/technology/iphone-china-apple-stores.html?smid=tw-nytimesworld&smtyp=cur&_r=0  “For an iPhone headed for the China market, customs officials use an electronic system to virtually stamp the goods as “exports” and then restamp them as “imports.” In Zhengzhou, the process happens in the same customs facility just outside the factory.

Once the products are declared an import, customs can collect a 17 percent value-added tax, a kind of national tax, based on the import price. Afterward, the goods are approved for transport around China.”


Wearing a snowman suit, noice on the side, supporting character, main character, wonder salesperson, independent dealer, part-time helper, full-time innovator, signing instructor, client, case officer, interpreter, idealist pushing wet snow on the side sweating

Does it make a living? Are you working in company, for a company, who do you work for? Children of the light.

straight lesbian pervert for fun
sadist in a way
masochist in a way
Jewish without religion
Finnish feeling foreign
black and white
activist making an effort
writer liking winter
movie lover
wolf who is always lost. It is a costume but it is also a fact. How can you be black when you are white? How can you be alone when there are so many people in the world? How can there be unemployment when there is so much work to be done?

River of no return

River of no return

How many takes? She was very sweet. She was a comedian. She was very shy. She was fuck me. She was very uncomfortable. She was convinced, she was not very sexy and pretty. She didn’t have an aura of sexiness about her. There was some magic about her, she would play at it. She would burlesque it. She seemed like a lost child. It seemed to her like Alice in Wonderland and she could not believe it. Anybody was very serious about her. She really felt she didn’t have the inner qualifications to fulfil the image of a sex goddess. She thought that the whole thing was a lie, because it was not her. She would never feel worthy. She was very very difficult. She was vulnerable. She was weak. She was teary. She was struggling. She was falling apart. She was hurt. She was an addict. She was needy. She was difficult. She was in pain. She was adorable. She was drunk. She was nice. She was childlike. She was late. She was lovely. She was hanging on. She was calling me. She was calling everybody. She was caring. She was unprofessional. She was sexy. She was beautiful. She was funny. She was doing the thing that was wanted of her, she was not doing what she wanted.

My interest in Marilyn is interest in how the dilemma of gender culminates in one person so perfectly

What is spoken of her and why. What do people want to know, what is of interest for anyone in a beautiful woman. What do we pay attention to and why she is seen via her sex which seems to dictate all she can do, how she can be and must do, how she must do to make an effect. She is an effect, a special effect on the set. That is her purpose. Her value seems pretty infinite despite she is ripped off her value as a multi talented person. Her value is partly in the tragedy of not having achieved enough professionally that she is diminished no matter what she accomplished and modelled to be something  to which she contributes voluntarily because it seems she had no other choice. This no other choice to succeed but via the sexual part of a blond shell is part of the puzzle for me. To have a lot but be limited as an artist by the system and the way women are seen.

Those are the terms to succeed is like a plan given. Do as you are told and this is what is wanted of you. This is what the public wants to see, you are for yes only (I mean eyes), to pleasure others. Why is this what is thought the public wants or are we so simple-minded it really is what we want? It puzzles me still although it is clear in a way that the public is infinitely narrow-minded and seeks to be entertained in the simplest of ways. That is also what gossip is all about. That is also the trap in to which entertainment industry constantly steps: repeating the same imagery and narrative which is luring, attention seeking, fabulous visually and repeating the gender roles and stereotypes as if nothing ever changes, and yes things do change slowly. Something else than the real life and not so much.

My interest is in how someone is talked about. What becomes of this tale which is continued, passed forward. What is the story people like to give, they believe it themselves, what are their motives, what is the truth and what are the reasons for telling the story. Who knows the truth and who is a reliable witness. Because what is being said and what is the reality can be very different from each other so much so that surreal is the reality. What people believe is the truth is bound to bias and what is wanted to be seen as the truth. How personal experience of someone is true and what is the value of telling this personal view forward.

A person who is dimensional but does not show all of her dimensions is infinitely interesting obviously applies to women. To believe women are able to achieve excellence takes work for some men and women. Simplicity and less are easier to believe to be true and accept than someone who is much. Much is difficult to control and tolerate.