Pleasure of watching

Art of pole dancing is an image of a sleazy questionable profession watched by questionable personalities of the underworld. Caricature of female body placed to be watched intensely all over and right there almost full-on. Art of seduction still in which one can succeed or fail. Movement with accessories that emphasize the sleaziness and cheapness of the craft. Fullness of woman’s body is put on in display in full flesh to be seen in positions that pole, shameless attitude and imagination offer. This is the old auntie writing who wonders why and seemingly disapproves as the dichotomy goes: there is light and then there the dark, something to be afraid of, something that we should not be influenced by or let society see, but it is there and it interests me as culture shaping pop up act, pop art, erotic and as such naughty. Naughtiness is essential part of the dance, to enjoy naughtiness, guilty pleasure, turn on by watching, to feel doing something forbidden. So those who disapprove have an important role as counter forces. Counter forces are not diminished nor shut down. Maybe there is a lesson for them, if they are willing to take it.
Women wearing little outfits on stage to please and create art, me thinking they please themselves as well as a professional dancers can and should. One should not do anything one does not enjoy doing. I take pleasure for watching videos of pole dancers who can be extremely gifted athletes and dancers as such, beautiful to look at and I am amazed by their work. Arousal for me is the beauty of female body and watching is thinking what is there the shameful act, whose shame are we talking about? Is the display of genital areas the shameful, seduction of strangers, a lot of them and woman alone on stage at risk to be hurt. Still arousal as sexual term does not apply for me but arousal of mind for what human body and especially female body can represent and means when it is on stage dancing bare.