How do the oppressed take justice?

Is justice there to be taken? If justice is not given voluntarily, there is injustice, how does one find justice? Somebody holds it, somebody is there to judge. Are those sensible sentences, words in right order, what comes to justice? Somebody has it. It is a possession granted, a right to have and deliver. Laws made by people to govern a nation and its citizens. An interesting case is to think what is justice and who has it. What kind of justice we make, use and rule over. Questions of right and wrong, how well do we know what those two, right and wrong, are and how they differ.

Why do we accept an unjust situation and how long do we accept it? How long can we escape taking responsibility, confronting malicious rule and power elite which seems to be corrupt, when will people sacrifice their comfort for public good? To better lives of many we need to take over something that is not at the moment in our hands. Which things are those one might ask? One can be very unaware of what is going on.

Who is oppressing you? Are you oppressed? What? Why do you ask me,, or am I just asking myself. Those who are most severely oppressed do NOT read blogs, so probably my question does not reach those who experience slavery, hardships by dictators, military and authoritarian governments. Is capitalism an oppressor or is it just a tool to oppress? Could it work better than it does now or is it an ongoing disaster? We want to attack things that oppress us when we notice that we are clearly under ruthless rule of some power. We ARE under ruthless power, how do we know that in our every day consciously and when will it, ruthlessness, really begin to show in a way that the consuming mass would actually wake up and start taking measures to make change.
Questioning continues: how to have power, what kind of power do I have, what is power that can be taken from one person or from an elite. What kind of power is releasing and humanly kind?