Feminists are

The ones who refuse to die. Feminists set the world on fire. The ones who refuse the lies that are fed by the acclaimed, the acknowledged and therefore lawful, righteous members of society. Feminists do not give in to the entertainment society that wishes such demanding negativity of human right fighters into oblivion. State of being completely forgotten as it has happened to history of feminists. It has been knowingly forgotten and silenced, because it is history of women, family and children. Those people who title themselves as anti-feminists do not know how much they should be thankful for feminism. Yes can you fucking believe it.

One of the most powerful ideologies and movements in human history is scary to those who like their comfort, their status, their unchanging likable fun with buddies. It is too easy to ridicule women, to laugh at them, to forget them, to diminish them, to step on them. Women also do it themselves; discouragement, envy, conformism, indifference, class loyalty, isolation, separation and ignorance  hurt women the most. Women are the most hurt group of people in the world in continuum. That is what we must make end to. Change is coming and you better believe it!You find feminism threatening, ask yourself why.

The Yellow Pearls of China: Women with a PhD