in war.

Revolution is lucrative business. in art. 

This sounds like I don’t believe in making revolution. To change methods of interaction, patterns of thinking and gaining wealth. To change how we gain, what we want to gain, if we gain and what there is to gain. Are we doing things to have it all? Despair is one bottom of the end. Desperate people do anything they can to survive. State of ready to be insane, do hurtful irrational acts, ease the pain to hurt someone else, or get a change to one’s situation by learning to be wiser. Revolution is not a sane situation. Chaos and disorder, why we need that. I claim that what is interesting and tempting revolutionizing anything is the happening, event itself. Radicalism and outlaw qualities appeal. What is forbidden allures, to be against all what is set, letting aggression rule is an easy way. Revolution is an expression.