Ladylike Sniff Sniff, ladies like it.

Smell Mein Führer

Fragrance that brings instant feeling of power on your face, for you, habitus in your hands, on and around you all day. While splashing odor you can hear screaming women and children. Aroma of blood, sweat, tears, piss, leather, nails and steal. You rule, you kill, you smell.

Aroma tang fragrance scent

What does something that does not have an odor smell like? There is a need to smell, but there is no smell. There are things that do not send a message of smelling like anything like that ad below I mentioned. It is to build an identity, a character and nature to rely on to live in contemporary work environment that admirers winners, celebrities and ultimate success which is narrowly defined capitalist dream. It for me does not have a smell. It is superficial about how things look instead of what they really are. A costume is to hide oneself, to camouflage and fit in but as perfected as much as possible.

What does independence mean?

There is a perfume ad that I saw on TV recently with Gwyneth Paltrow saying her lines telling about a passing moment in a woman’s life, wearing the product, wearing power and wealth, independence and strength, black suit and stiletto heels. The woman in the picture is strong and independent as she has perfected herself, according to the story, to fit a culture which desires wealth and likes to display it, where people are what they look like. Looking like a career woman breathing and posing strength in LA and of LA after a party walking out of a black car on an empty street, car with a chauffeur. Problematic of the concept independence is as tricky as is freedom, as any basic concept that we base our morals and modern lives on.

A grown up is supposed to be independent, not under a guardian needing taking care of, not fragile nor sick. Independent is balanced and aware of one’s position, independence something one had to gain and be proud of, a position in relation to others. It is interesting how a smell that one can spray on is like a last touch of luxury, finishing and a trim to make a person feel certain and sure of herself and make people around notice it by smelling her around, only this is for own pleasure. Her enjoyment is important and what she makes of it. Perfected fantasies that perfume ads make are surely fun to make as makers can create illusions and glittering floating images that reflect the idea of a perfume on a woman, what it means for a woman to wear a good smell, how sure and confident it makes her feel. Sprayed images of beauty, light like feather and fairies: Is it why we desire luxury objects for what they make of us or to show what I have made of myself?