Pleasures in pain

From where ever she leaves she leaves a mystery behind. I met her yesterday and didn’t know what to say. I do have wisdom to know the world but when I met her I didn’t know what to be wise meant anymore. Maybe I just thought I have wisdom as myself and that I could look everything else from that knowing of mine, that knowledge I thought I had owning me. Why did I think I had such knowledge to see through when there are impossibilities such as her? “The collective affect of love, loss, guilt, and mourning, maintains ties of identity.”

Why should I accept you the way you are? To accept what exactly in anyone and what to dislike? Decision have to be made because one has to keep on moving and knowing. To think one knows is a pattern of the world today. We repeat what we know, we think we have knowledge, we pose with the knowledge we have. What we want to know and what we don’t know.