I still believe in love (Jennifer Lopez) star interview. My question is do you believe in love? Ah yes probably in Paris.

Why is there such a question as do you believe in love? Who does not believe in love and why would that kind of rejection happen? It is a daily issue in magazines targeted at women. It is common issue in celebrity culture to talk about love life. To be in love with someone and is that person romantically seeing someone. Are there wedding bells, wedding rings, wedding dresses, weddings, photographs. What is there to believe in in this matter? To believe in, have faith in. Love is connected to sharing and happiness, kindness and ability to love someone, continuity. It is also an obsession of finding a partner and it is an obsession of being accepted and loved. Is that why a beautiful woman is asked does she believe in love, of finding love after divorce. Do you believe in divorce? Of course.
Do I think your stereotypes are idiotic? Yes  I do.