When all beauty must fade for us to have a mall on top, it is time to fight.

When power is manifested in what one can buy, by outer traits and with machines to kill power means one has all the means to take lives, a god-like leader without superpowers though. A super power is to maintain, protect and give life, not take it. It takes something else to be super, superb. Decide for lives placing threats power stands on sand and is scared despite the posing and size also fragile, but still the kind of masculine aggressive physical power is probably most effective in a world where there is much to lose and some assets to gain. To get what one wants aggression can be the most effective way to behave, sadly. And sadly getting rich is what most people desire.
What comes to women and men we have the idea of who have physical power, who bond with each other and often we know why they bond. Still why is it that men need that feeling of group backing up for them. Could it be weakness? It is a strange thought that bunch of men against one woman can actually beat that woman and they will because they can. It is an everyday scene to show this little ability, backbone and strength as it is common for people to group against. one person. What kind of superpower does that one person have to be so threatening? I wonder.

http://www.aroomofourown.org/real-for-women-reflecting-equality-in-australian-legislation-for-women/?utm_content=buffer13c30&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer ““What prostitution does in a society of male dominance is that it establishes a social bottom beneath which there is no bottom. It is the bottom. Prostituted women are all on the bottom. And all men are above it.”