Why is cruelty a dominating practice?

Is cruelty a dominating feature in humans? It certainly dominates to news. In certain realities cruelty dominates the whole of life experience. How do we select how to behave and act towards others and ourselves? Do we become cruel when our environment is cruel to us or do we act against cruelty, against all odds? Despite we get hurt ourselves do we fight against cruelty and do not fall into trap of being cruel as revenge? How do we prevent us from being cruel is of course to know what is cruel and what is good to do and what is not. Things gained via cruelty are not worth having is the first piece of advise to understand. How do we understand and obey such an advise in a cruel world? We have to know worth of the other in correlation and relation to us no matter how far, how strange, how poor. When others do not have value of ours to measure, to compare with us cruelty becomes easily a tool to manifest power over those others who are less according to measurements. Logic many times is when one has less one is less. How do we measure is interesting. Such mindless calculations can and often are very irrational without any factual base. We just like to think we are superior because.

Levels of appreciation and worth are plain and fairly obvious to see and they are continuously there in our every day to place people in to their places from which they have to work and live. It looks like a game of survival which can get bloody. Cruelty may get zillions of forms as we are an imaginative and idea rich individuals, at least so we like to think of ourselves. We also like to reason our cruelty as justified. To me it has become to seem as if most people do not recognize cruelty as a flaw and wrong in what they do. It is therefore accepted as part of a survival game where we must fight and find our place. To a certain extent it is justified to have such a fight. I find it essential part of individual development. Cruelty can have justification of the strong due to this knowledge that we have to fight to get something and when we have gotten what we wanted we have to protect it.

Is there any answer to the question of extent and bloodiness, answer to cruelty? Never plain and simple?

Inheritance of filth.

Is it a situation of the more problems accumulate and getting piled up than sorted and dealt with? As it seems problems we are dealing with are with heavy baggage passed forward. Passed on as long as it has been possible and mess having gone over the top but out of sight, and we have gone way beyond the tipping point and load has erupted all over for those who can sort it out in the best possible way try their very best? Which way is the best possible would be that for example loans too heavy to bear should be pardoned not to destroy nations but to give them a chance to recover as soon as possible. But when will the lesson be learned if debts are not paid in full? Lessons in politics have to change more straightforward to those who make the mistakes to make corruption and reckless administration impossible. Those who do politics are the ones to know they are indebted when they betray people’s trust and bring their nation to bankruptcy. Is this what happens when people do not use their voices, do not vote, do not trust the government, do not pay taxes, do not give to the community but keep all possessions and money made themselves? It is an economy of complete negligence, indifference, short-sighted fortune-seeking with no end for those fortunate ones who have played their cards well and vanished with the money.

It is comical to speak about inheritance since it firstly brings to mind riches, exploitation and something good gained via bad, given that it all belongs to the children after parents pass away, pain does not vanish, innocence is an interesting idea. Does memory play tricks on us? Inheritances come in all kinds of forms. Europe has such gruesome and vile legacy of amnesia and denial to feel astonishing numb and partly it is understandable people wish to forget our near history completely and they do forget. When spoken there is ominous silence and thought of how dare you remind us. How dare I indeed for example speak of Holocaust, it not having gone anywhere, fascism that has gone into hiding, unbeaten, fascism that to me is very clearly alive in economy and becomes more and more obvious the more arrogant and demanding corporations get and the more brutal the recession and its makings appear. We do use things basically made by slaves far away and it is easy to ignore the fact in our beautiful hygiene, indifference, wealth and modern serenity. It is easy to pose with gadgets that bring value to their owners and corporations selling them in beautiful packages. Corporations that use workers as items to be disposed when not needed anymore. Oh we just made such a good deal with Microsoft and after a while they are sacking thousands. How bloody strange Nokia.