How do you work in a system which has a set of values opposite to yours, total conflict of values? When you think you are correct and they are wrong.

How does one work in a system that does nothing but humiliate, restrain and abuse person who dares to call herself an artist? How does one oppose and challenge such system that thinks it is perfect and only does good when there is clear evidence it does quite a lot damage instead? One option is not to work, not call one’s doings work of art at all. It means to resign from tradition of art the best way one can. That is a free fall and the result is unknown. It can be hobbyist but not without goals. To make without burdens of professionalism, without need to fit in the system, without need to please those who need to be pleased to get credit and be paid. Art in capitalism is nothing but luxury items and a means to show off one’s interest and knowledge. Civilized society supports arts, civilized people go see art, civilized people make art: when art loses its voice and noise is that civilized?

When art is an accessory it is design rather than philosophy. If we want art as accessory and style to accompany us what happens to art? It stops being political, it stops being activism, it stops doing the most important job it has which is take part in conversation, take part in society as an independent voice.