Do you know her by her name?

Have you met Lucifer in this time of adversity? Do you know her, or is it him? Is it sex? Walked in the dark woods, wet and afraid. She has a beautiful name but it is not very ladylike to drink out of the bottle. She is just a little girl but it is about to get very cold in here.

Fragile Millimetric frost in layers peeling up shining through, letting incoming light come through. Shock me, panic me, make me. Revealing guilt and what to do with it, with waste that cannot be hidden. Mud like material to come from to learn from to apply on. Acknowledge it, admit it. There is no such word to make it up, fix the toxic mark, heal the broken bottle used needles anything left behind. Any trace that tells me pure venom bite lethally bitten. There is always a cut of skin that’s what sharp objects are for, cutting.