We visit and leave. It is not like we should get amused by narrow and low, grey and white.

Bricks, brick wall, piles of bricks aside the road promising stability and forthcoming work. As I have compared brick walls built over a hundred years ago to this day, the difference is astonishing. Of course we now have the element building strategy. It has made constructing fast and highly machined heavy-duty. The differences between times strike me, they hit me. Differences between wealth, health, strength and endurance of people, society and houses. It use to was self-evident to pay attention to detailed work, to detail, which slowness of doing made possible as also will and ability to build in a decorative variable way. Now we do not have the money nor time. Contrast is puzzling and the common statement of not having time nor money. People in general had less both hundred years ago. Were they less afraid or did they have more appreciation towards life in general and how our actions effect to life of others?

It is a different time with different values and we are in a hurry. The way we build tells that story. Tale of no time, things being done in very little time, but with massive volume. People are treated the same way as massive volume moving cash. We are units of bringing in and taking. To give takes an effort especially voluntarily and without cost. But still in the name of good. We have a religion of good. We yearn the cream to be poured into our mouths.