How is revolution in motion or how movement is joint to making revolution and how not moving is a statement?

We are driven to be active which is good, all in our own ways we must move. We mostly feel left out when we are not able to move. Active maker is a very human thing to be and we yearn to make. Saddest thing is when people are prohibited the joy of moving. To be a refugee and flee is one kind of hell which we obviously fail to see as we look at moving only as a positive and rewarding activity where there is something material to gain and motivation to move is only selfishly spiced up with greed. To blame the fleeing ones is strange and it reveals our complete self-absorption where we cannot see further, where there are threats all over because we are the most important people in the world and our rights are not to be violated by immigrants or refugees who invade our space. To be unemployed, cut out of active work life is a devastating experience for majority of people. I would see compulsory traveling, fleeing as such, where one is forced to abandon what is familiar and safe, forced to switch into a completely new kind of existence, new place, new habits, ways to think a same kind of fall out of accepted dignified existence. Someone who escapes is a threat like a convict which for those who do not understand such total necessity of escaping, it possibly seems like an adventure and exiting. Just like being idle looking for next chance.

Work gives meaning and feeling of importance as does feeling of belonging. This is at least what work is suppose to mean for us, a meaningful every day task, a human right and duty, which is an essential part of living, making a living, supporting oneself, making us belong, exist and create visible results of labor, marks of ours. Work is a measurement for value, making value, importance in the eyes of community and for the community. All work is not important although laborious, dirty, simple or difficult, hard etc. valuable becomes to be such in which one can be a heroic mastermind. It makes one wonder where does value come from and who makes it? As we look at the concrete evidence of hard work which is the pay-check, collective appreciation, results, sweat, effort and what kind of work is seen as important, appreciation gets odd shades and it is not as logical. Something interesting, something big and grande. There is work which women traditionally do or it falls on them and which in some countries men refuse to do because it is beneath them. It is still work that has to be done. There is no heroism, no large pay, not huge value other than this ‘invisible’ need that is to be filled, done, which need becomes visible when it is not fulfilled. Stench, suffering and pain follow very quickly, no gratitude other than a relief of cleanliness and help, caring and kindness. Infrastructure of fulfilling human needs. So how to stop and pay attention to this important part of work, work that is as important as breathing, staying healthy and fed: without we would die. Activity done by women which is seen as passive nonexistence which many of us wish to flee because it is so laborious and undervalued.

We need to measure how fast we can go compared to others, how strong we physically are, materially lasting, who lasts the most and piles up the biggest mountain of stuff. In comparison and measuring how much we can make of ourselves as part-takers, leaders in modern competition where good is something that is going on and changing fast and is a happening, a party. The mode we are suppose to have and live in. Be active equaling having a life, we must show we have a life as it is a possession and material, not just a breath, a walk, body but a collection of experiences. Life equals something that is happening, appearing, emerging, being found, won and we are taking part in movement of life as well as we can. Passive is seen a negative off mode where existence is limited, where moving is little and one is somehow cut out of something important, out of that active stream of man made life offerings of luxury and pleasure, or is it life which does the offering, sacrificing, moving fast and we can’t keep up. Fast forward illusion that we have control and right to do what ever we want. Still to be passive is something most fail to understand and refuse to admit to or there are new names for staying put, not participating the party that we actually should be participating such as voting, recycling and thinking. Being hyperactive in fun, moving around in a hurry not missing a thing can be a very passive state focusing on what is given and what can be taken, grasped to hold, what is mine, what cannot be given away. To be active in greed is the modern passivity. To fail to understand nature of passivity and what kind of role it has in the world today is exactly what happens over and over again because most people are blinded by the nature of action and what action can be, importance on doing and possessing every moment, having done, importance on accomplishment that can be shown as evidence of having lived and one’s own excellence, that we are here and making our lives, our own. That to be in a hurry to move between places, phases in life, move ahead in life, make progress is seen the best kind of active thing to do and to give value to the person who fall for the lie of modern man and his need to be on top of the game, all of them, to have all. To have speed, be speeding, go ahead, win and grab a trophy of having accomplished velocity, vehicles, places, status. Having been fastest can be the most passive thing to do when one fails to understand meaning of speed and making progress. Heavy structures move slowly.

To move or to not move. Some of us can choose, but what if it is a question of indecency, improper and a mortal sin how one moves, as it happens such is the case for many women. Our moving is monitored and manipulated to fit within a frame even though we think we are free to move and go. Those who move behind the lines set for proper must be prepared for consequences. How do we make the decision on what kind of movement we will make to make action and make satisfying result? Who do we wish to satisfy and why satisfaction is never fully ours?

We move by vehicles, by our own energy and limbs, inventions, imagination, our own determination and set ideas that need to be accomplished and realized because we have desires, will to do and make. Without this will we are paralyzed, unhappy, often yes. When we are not fulfilling our meaning, ourselves, talents, intellect and finding our place in the world whose plan are we following? To be a fraction, a partial of what one could be is what we ache and still we escape. The modern refugees of the West flee this ache and the need to face one’s insignificance and inadequacy. We are prohibited from moving because of many things and because we hinder ourselves from moving. We do not dare, one can be bound to gender rules, disability, someone is telling that to do what one wants is against what god wants, what society wants of you. Desires are evil for such god and women are not to have desires. To move or not against all odds, against the stream, against public opinion, against what other people want moving to be like and make. It is not to disturb, to change anything when society wishes to stay the same. We can not move because we want, we move because we must. We can protest by sitting down, by going places where we are not supposed to go and harass those who need to be harassed to think otherwise. When people are used to state of not moving, passivity is accepted and not thinking for yourself is encouraged, any kind of act is disturbing the peace, rules and state of mind.