In search of the postmodern triangle.

That this what is is Mathematics or can be understood via Mathematics, but still I am not sure if Mathematics can explain birth of life, give the ultimate formula of life. We are in love of mathematical and logical decision-making, designing and making via technical advancements, praise technological progress. That our lives and bodies are Mathematical is a difficult matter to understand and see, because so much is at chance. Much of what we consist of we do not see, do not understand nor don’t have to pay attention to for it to work. Life happens as a surprise uncontrollably in control of certain physical and biological laws. It is a strange idea that we consist of geometrical facts and is how I see it. Purity of form is what we like to seek in design, purity as absolutely direct and exact is difficult to find by eye in nature, but it is there, almost sterile. Purity of form, construction, concrete and plastic elements manufactured in large-scale. We need chain reactions and evolution, variety to exist and truly make progress. I have come to think of this because of my curiosity towards architecture and how it evolves or how it has stopped evolving. Also how we as biological beings, thinking neurological brains begin to think and evolve in the middle and inside the designs made, in those boxes we must live.

I’m trying to understand the artificial nature of designing buildings. Artificial reasons why they are as they are and the nature of our biology against man-made constructions.