How to change political culture that desperately needs to do a turn but is not able to?

Are there enough people willing to commit and make a lasting turn of political machine? It takes time and knowledge of which kind of system does work the best for a whole country. It takes people’s decision and will to make that change. When people are fed up with politics, are not interested in it enough such turn is difficult to make. If people have to be scared for their lives for making politics that benefits all instead of few it can seem impossible and future looks as it was dictated by those in power. When we have understanding how future is in the hands of people who are effected by politics, when those under influence feel their opinions and makings matter we are on better way to changing politics that does not work well enough at the moment.
It is once again ironical how on the money euro zone uses there are pictures of bridges that symbolize unity and togetherness, possibilities of moving, links and common history and how little united Europe actually is. Money seems to be the only thing we share and that too on symbolic level. Immigrant issue being one stepping stone as countries do not want flood of refugees be shared. When only good things, not problems, are shared and sharing happens on symbolic level unity is not complete. It is mockery of a union where there is no trust. How could there be when politics of Europe is not accountable, transparent enough, banks grab all the wealth they possibly can along with power. Money is power and it is a poor symbol of any unity.

How to change this culture of distrust, bad rule and power of money? It is of course a million euro question. To take the easy way is not an answer. “Ultimately, political jams are made to persuade and bond any like-minded group together, while using wit to publicly ridicule the outsiders.”

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