When I open my eyes, what do I see? There is despair in the air, panic of losing, youthful looks as possessions to be sold as anything else. But why be bothered by this? There is nothing I can do to change the whole culture, only myself. Quickly before it fades away. Beauty is glue, people glued luring gazes looking for something to steal. It is a weapon as well as punishment, the gaze. Punishment of being watched, looked at. Why does it hurt? I should enjoy of the stares, where else people should place their eyes than to each other.


Ritual blood spill.

Feminism as I see it, is part of humanism in a profound and attached, combined way, it cannot be chopped off for the reasons like it sounds old-fashioned or it does not glitter enough.  So does philosophy for some, sound like. It does not work or you don’t like, which one? Or you don’t want the stigma?

Humanism would be missing its body part. Humanism is our consciousness. We can hope for it not to be paralyzed, cut to parts that can’t understand each other, as it now seems to be the case. There are women who like to say that they are not feminists ( for some reason those who get to say it so it becomes news are American, “I am this and that, but I am not feminist”..), those same people believe in strong and equal womanhood, strong woman, strong human, what is that, in terms of capitalism, what is a strong human in terms of humanity? Being above what, that other, giving orders or as strong as, as good as, but different. Problem is in seeing feminism as counter activism, against any other, like an outer negative force that wants to put parts of society in feminist kind of order. I have one request for every woman, if you do not relate to feminist why bring it up at all. Be a good sport. It’s good to be good. Women if they feel strong and are capable of acting out in their society as respected members are bound to feminism and its achievements, due to fighting for equal human rights most women can vote, be part of politics and speak their mind.

Disrespect for feminism is disrespect for humanity.