did i really just watch 5.19 minutes of this… wtf, Don’t play the stupid game Cause I’m a different kind of girl* Educate Your heart and yourself, it’s good for your soul, heart, kidneys and human kind, i like it, this is the sexiest song and album of all time…thumbs up, i play this sexy song !! when im in bed with my girlfriend !! but thanks !! .

In the future if you have something to tell me, please I can be contacted easily by mail or phone and do it as yourself. It’s fair. Also if you like so much of my work that you feel bad about it, don’t jump on my face. Love, Henna

ps. My point of view to sexual harassment you already know. If you have such a problem in your school or anywhere else, do something about it other than whispering gossip. Ok?


Interesting mail, I wonder who is it from? Maybe Björk can enlighten me. So tell me Björk, what do you know about this person? This one has Finnish name, but writes to me in English? Some African who has Finnish relatives? It’s so good that I put it here for everyone to see and I will do so to all similar mail from now on. Thank you petri.j@telia.com.

Hi !

Are you Henna Joronen ? Im interested to buy some art from you (Paintings).

T Petri Joronen

My answer: Sorry, I don’t know you and my paintinfs stink. It’s probably not a good idea to pass them forward to anyone. Thank you for your interest. So kind.



Flag Of Sorrow

   Trust Equals Love.

Since There is No Trust, Love Does Not Exist. Is It Really So? Now I’m a Bit Scared. We Live In A Fascist World. You Better Believe It. How Disgusting. At This Point I Lose My strength And Fall Down. I Can’t Believe It. I Have Thought Love Is Life, Living, Believing. Exactly, Believing. Faith. What If Everything You Believed In Failed You. But It Is Impossible To Live Without Trust. I have to Be Able To Trust That The Food I Eat Is Safe. So far I Have Survived. So Are You Saying That Laws For Example To Maintain The Quality Of Food Are Made Out Of Love. Community Is To Protect. Protection Is Love. Simply put And Said. So I Have Rights As A Citizen Of Finland and EU and As A Human Being Not To Live like A Hunted Animal. A Hunted Animal, Very funny. What If People Had A Collective Weeping. NO! But I Thought It Would Give Us Some Relief In These Times Of Sadness And Debt. It Would Be A Sight Everybody Weeping On The Streets Sharing Their Grief. To Let sadness Out, Lovelessness, Hurt, Pain, Shame, Hate and Anger, Negativity. Do You Think It Would End Up In Laughter? Yes. Crying Is Pretty Ridiculous. You Are Such An Idealist. That’s Why You’ll End Up Against The Wall And Shot.