Mrs. La Boef-Schlumpff said: Give them goats to stare at if they have nothing better to do than check out girls’ asses; god that is degrading. Do they understand it themselves or is that the purpose of staring, to humiliate. See you in Eternity with fresh virgins yo. Sounds ever so thrilling.

Stream of consciousness came to me ok. Ok. ok. River crossing ten cents, can’t you get anything through your head. You are not going to Owen Vaughn Cheyenne wyo toe to. What the hell is he talking about? In order to refresh our memories and memory, note, if one wishes to do so, I do. It is essential to go back in history. How many men have you shot during your time as a deputy officer, shot or killed he asked. Mr. Cochburn you say and you shot him too. How many men have you shot? I have been examining the record I always have my gun ready to fire, I never shoot nobody I didn’t have to. (Swearing, cursing and all that stuff )