Back to the primitive? It seems as if we never left the primitive behind, because we are not able to.

How modern life becomes to be is about how things and people are defined, how value is created; where and how we stand and for what. How do we define and see ourselves plays the most important role in our standing and very often what life is seen it should and could be. Others in relation to us and we to those others. The human-kind violent selfishness and desperation to be a winner above all is a ruling defining and justified ideology and mindset. 
We as individuals among individuals who are more or less independent in thinking. We define in so many ways that the idea of defining anything to the core seems and is impossible and mostly useless especially if we wish to find peace and equality among people, but that is not of interest of many unfortunately. We believe our definitions to be exact and right and that those definitions should be also definitions of others who should appropriate official definitions of what life should be in their lives. There are many people who think they are never wrong that their view on the world and people is correct absolutely because they are given place as experts and they enjoy their position on pedestal so much so that certain fascist ideas and ideals become more than clear. These experts who are pure and untouchable kings and queens protected by wealthy organizations and friends see they are doing a favor for mankind by what they do and say. 
There is a lot of work in finding equality and justice in the world today. Finding and putting in trial people who have committed crimes of war. There is very much work to be done. Do not dare to think otherwise. There are several politicians who are responsible for killings of hundreds of thousands of people. In that image Osama bin Laden appears a minor offender.

“The Obama administration has a moral and legal duty to bring American war criminals of three administrations to justice. Not to do so is to continue to use American exceptionalism as a justification for the worst crimes against humanity. The national precedent is to honor those most responsible for government crimes, but what honor is there in that? Alan Gilbert is John Evans Professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies of the University of Denver.

Should We Fear ‘the End of Work’?