My interest in Marilyn is interest in how the dilemma of gender culminates in one person so perfectly

What is spoken of her and why. What do people want to know, what is of interest for anyone in a beautiful woman. What do we pay attention to and why she is seen via her sex which seems to dictate all she can do, how she can be and must do, how she must do to make an effect. She is an effect, a special effect on the set. That is her purpose. Her value seems pretty infinite despite she is ripped off her value as a multi talented person. Her value is partly in the tragedy of not having achieved enough professionally that she is diminished no matter what she accomplished and modelled to be something  to which she contributes voluntarily because it seems she had no other choice. This no other choice to succeed but via the sexual part of a blond shell is part of the puzzle for me. To have a lot but be limited as an artist by the system and the way women are seen.

Those are the terms to succeed is like a plan given. Do as you are told and this is what is wanted of you. This is what the public wants to see, you are for yes only (I mean eyes), to pleasure others. Why is this what is thought the public wants or are we so simple-minded it really is what we want? It puzzles me still although it is clear in a way that the public is infinitely narrow-minded and seeks to be entertained in the simplest of ways. That is also what gossip is all about. That is also the trap in to which entertainment industry constantly steps: repeating the same imagery and narrative which is luring, attention seeking, fabulous visually and repeating the gender roles and stereotypes as if nothing ever changes, and yes things do change slowly. Something else than the real life and not so much.

My interest is in how someone is talked about. What becomes of this tale which is continued, passed forward. What is the story people like to give, they believe it themselves, what are their motives, what is the truth and what are the reasons for telling the story. Who knows the truth and who is a reliable witness. Because what is being said and what is the reality can be very different from each other so much so that surreal is the reality. What people believe is the truth is bound to bias and what is wanted to be seen as the truth. How personal experience of someone is true and what is the value of telling this personal view forward.

A person who is dimensional but does not show all of her dimensions is infinitely interesting obviously applies to women. To believe women are able to achieve excellence takes work for some men and women. Simplicity and less are easier to believe to be true and accept than someone who is much. Much is difficult to control and tolerate.

Censoring nudity is the weirdest rule of all in our time of openness and sell off… All seeing eye is watching.

Time of hypocrisy is obviously never-ending. I wonder why is that? We are terrified of uncovering. What is frightening about truth? It must be ugly. It is so terrifying that there are those who wish to act as watching men and women to preserve our civilized cultured fun and good times. What is so disturbing in nude human body that it is feared, loathed and made a root of all problems especially female body? Or is it, the human body and sexuality which follows us, such a troubled and sensitive area we simply cannot tolerate it as everyday imagery. This root of all human behavior and mess of ours we have to deal with and accept as part of us is under constant pressure, but not to be seen as it is.

We are grown into our intolerance. Plain nakedness is primitive and an abomination revealing us in a way we do not want to be revealed. Nudity means something (what does it mean?). It is the fucking, the never-fading animal, sexuality and desire, sin and corruption, shame and humiliation. That we have to hide it unless we are selling a product with the help of sexing up. That is ok. It is even more than ok when money is involved. Logic gets even more strange. We do like the sterile atmosphere of human contact and thought unless it is an ad of a large corporation. Taboos are and remain there left without permission to deal with them. The inescapable taboos torment us for a reason, often without logic we hide them and avoid reasoning with them. It is mind-boggling trying to understand the restrictions, fears, silence, inhibitions, bigotry.

It is also almost impossible to make a fascist change. When there is a restriction of expression how far can it go? What kind of expression is accepted? Where do we draw the line? How depended are of the scene we are at? We are dictated by our scene unless we make the rules change. How much can we pursue to change a mindset no matter how much there is opposition and oppression? If a scene is a jail, we enjoy the work we do, but the jail is prohibiting us from doing our work well, what is there to do? One creates a conflict and deals with it, makes most everybody to deal with the issue. It can get ridiculous if the opposition is of the mind that it is absolutely right and there is no need for change. Ideas of achieved perfection can be blinding.

What comes to those who watch us and why are they given power over freedom of expression, it is them we should be scared of.

Nudity is the loss of privacy, we accept is as a rip off.

Q&Why is cleavage ok but nipples are not? Obsession with breasts with fear of damaging something delicate.