What kind of personnel and students universities have? Is there a pattern?

As it seems to me questioning and jeopardizing status quo make those who dare unfriendly and unwanted, meaning that there are things somehow perfect that are offered to the students on a platter to kindly eat and be grateful. There will be hurt feelings when those offerings are strongly objected and quality of teaching is critiqued. Please do understand if you are a teacher: it is your job to make people think for themselves. Students’ intellect and abilities are continuously underestimated. People are treated as if they were youngsters who were born yesterday. Quality feedback is difficult to get, which would mean actually being interested in students’ work, thoughts and progress. But as it goes research is more important that teaching, this is what we get and it should be praised. What is there to praise in a system that does not want to evolve because it thinks it is perfect? What kind of education do we get in a system that has such high opinion of itself hiring airheads instead of intellect?