Moral outrage? What is your moral obligation if you have one or any?

How does it burst is that there happens something that breaks the back of an imaginary camel. How horrible, we must do something. The thing is that stages of emergency are out there all the time, but which ones break the media to put it out so we well off far away can hear about it. Luckily our current social media extravaganza provides solutions to make a show that makes it possible to create huge life saving projects which may possibly do something and possibly not. We have our morals which we like to praise and we pose as good people who defend the weak and stand up against injustice. We must do something. What is it we actually do is we entertain. There are so many people who stand against the lunacy of evil of people who it should be a world without violence and bad deeds, shouldn’t it. But it is getting worse. Violence is incredibly blown out of any proportion long ago, but we like to smile for media to make it and pose. I hope we make it. Question is what can we do other than post photographs with written messages to the world? They are not enough nor morally acceptable way of dealing anything. BringBackOurGirls?