Gamblers mentality – you are making it. “I ride the wave that’s what I do” Trading business and stuffed animals look the same: Oh, I shot a Rhino, got photographed in front of its dead body with a gun in my hand and cigarette in my mouth. Not hiding my sentiments. Hardcore sport at work and in leisure time. Enjoyment, thrill, ecstasy and orgasmic adrenaline as fuel and flow to be in, live in. Game of little boys.

Good evening. Suck on this. You crazy son of a bitch! I kill you, I kill you, I kill you Whenever there is a change there is a reaction to the change. You name it we got it. It’s a crazy world we live in. electronic trading brings stability, it is a very efficient market place.

Documentary film Floored 2009 (see link) ends at the time of 2008. It was the time of the beginning of recession or should it be said the revealing of the financial decline, it breaking out, around and up. At the end of the film George W. Bush is giving a concerned and empathetic speech about stock market decline. He is with us, with our worries in this “extraordinary state of economy”.  “Some have failed, credit markets have frozen. We are at the brink of serious financial crisis.” It is a beginning of some sort.

Making a lot of money, aggressively and in a possessed way. If demons are not in there, I’ll be damned. It is not just a cattle pit. It is mental. Moneymaking is what they concentrate on doing with their body and mind focused on timing and the right hit. Which is their main goal, reason for working, big bucks, show-off and to perform. Most say they do it every day as a way of life. Macho image is part of that way of living as is smoking cigars and spending money like candy. It surely is a question of personality and values. It is  a highly masculine field and brutality of the business is very clear. Traders do not seem to be sorry about it at all. It is part of the trade to take big risks and win or get hurt. What are they trading? Numbers that go up and down.

They enjoy the game. It is a boy’s dream come true with I fucked with playmate of the month. In the film it is not mentioned what it is they are trading. It does not play a role in their thinking what the businesses are doing as long as they are winning. It is just money. We are money.

Shock is that there is no shock in the end. This is a norm. Recession is a norm.