Unlucky mentally ill birthplace

It is about the shame of it. Shame of what you stand for and what you are. Denying, blame, abandonment, stupidity, chauvinism, brutal arrogance, violence, diminishing to nonexistence, hate and placing oneself above because one can. People who are afraid to face their minds, their deeds and the fact of being wrong, doing wrong repeatedly and finding justification for things done like nothing else could be done. There is nothing more sorry and pathetic than that. Inability to face the shit you have committed, crime you have done willingly like murder.

People who are afraid of their own illness and oh boy they are soaked with sickness. Why don’t you pour alcohol down your throat, because this is all about you. Drinking makes you the man, the strong, the accepted in a herd of fucking idiots. Laughing at those sad depressed who cry make you feel contempt for them, those others. Those other people who actually seek help are the brave and clever ones. They need every bit of encouragement they can get. To heal one’s mind is hard work and some people are ready to do that. People who want to get better change the world.

Sometimes all one can do is to cry. Crying with someone who actually cares. Emotional outbreaks are banned in macho world, seen as pathetic and weak. You are strong this way is the slogan and stereotype considered acceptable. Strong here is physical and sadistic. Wrong kind of shallow strong is the kind that puts people down, kills, takes away human worth. It is our social system that gives abusers and violators credit. Our system systematically encourages violent behavior, encourages bullies.

Football fields provide safe spaces for girls in an informal settlement in South Africa. –

Final observation; use of power by definition is a rule, defining master mind, master race, center of masters, defining weakness. If definitions are tools for us in order to understand, it would be good to know what it is exactly one needs to understand.

Do people ever learn? No they don’t. If there is someone to be put down, that one person will be put down to make way to those who think are strong, only because they think they are mighty, them. What actual human strength is, is as misleading concept as freedom. Note: Apologies are not accepted.


final conclusions final solutions are never-ending deng ding dong.

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