For those who violently protect something they think should not be altered.

Primitive reactions towards women and girls who want to be as active and innovative makers as men are open wide and tolerated as men see their space threatened, their territory getting invaded and changed. Why are there such territories that are exclusive to women? There are quite many areas of expertise that could be listed that discriminate and bully women for this reason: it is not traditionally seen as something women do, so they should not do it in the future. Reason and logic do not have anything to do with this decision-making. As tech industry likes to parade the thought of world-changing so fast, the picture is not as victorious science-fictionally fantastic. Changes come in many surprising ways and are on many levels as are things and ideas that hinder change. Surely you guys understand what I mean. What truly takes intellect is to comprehend what change really is and takes, what kind of change is needed and coming. To be able to change clothes into intelligent wear and make self-driving cars are not the most groundbreaking necessary change for mankind. 
Those who are scared get aggressive towards women for ruining their fun, boys’ club, which is not for women as we are so different and are not boys. We do not think like the opposite sex and we have opinions we like to say aloud. Aggression and violence are for some reason still tools used by men to keep women out, who get too scared to try to say against. Most scared I am if I will not try to pursue things I see vital and interesting to do. Most harm done is by people who see only black and white, fundamentalists who do not see the colors and benefits variety bring. To be able to learn from someone different from yourself is a gift. Women have been held back and have not been able to use their talents nor intellect in every way possible because they would have outnumber men. Men are scared women will be superior. It surely is a threat if you persistently wish to fight against equality and want to keep the power which is not yours only. Same has happened within the arts and science. Women’s voices will be heard and acknowledged. It is time to stop the primitive patriarchal bigotry and start living the bright future.