Interesting issue of control

How much do we need control to have a just structure for a society and how much is order and lawfulness about individuals knowing how to control their behaviour, knowing how others should control their behaviour and why? Most reasons for control are to avoid harm. It has been interesting to follow the endless news feed where Donald Trump is manifesting his agenda, media responding (media out of control responding?) and how he would bring law and order which are somehow lost, partly very much so. In part Mr. Trump speaks without much control over what he is saying, without a plan other than visions of his. To speak of order and lawfulness which to my mind are connected to knowing what to do and say, what to control and how, message is all highly contradictory and illogical. He operates on speech level talking as if he was improvising everything trusting a genius spirit guiding him giving visions of greatness without means of how to accomplish them. In politics which is dealing with highly complicated matters not knowing the facts and speaking without the exact law and order gives an untrustworthy image, although those who have spoken with highest of control have failed the voters.  This is the feeling, I can understand feelings of disappointment. In politics feelings should not have a say but they do. How do we control feelings then? Is it manipulation and how easily are feelings manipulated? When people are desperate and scared maybe manipulation is easier.
We like to think, to control is to know and be in control is what we want to be, knowing what must be done. It is authority and leadership. Just as anywhere to know what is wrong takes work, precision, intellect and an enthusiastic mind, effort and interest. To give tools, methods and answers how to fix things that do not work for people is the way to do it. To begin true control starts from individual level. It is learning. For a nation that has plenty of social issues to deal with building expensive walls is not the answer to anything positive. Corrupt violent nations are good examples of how control is lost and why. Control can be an illusion to fake and not admit that things are out of hand.

Control is a state issue and it is a gender issue, to have a structure and plan, reasons to do things, purpose. Basically nature creates us the first set of boundaries within which we function. Religion is to give us guidelines how to live a life within approved frames which are to control us given by a higher force. All of human life is thinking, experimenting and questioning one’s boundaries and what kind of control is to be obeyed, what is good kind of control and what do we dare to break in terms of rules. It is a safety issue, cultural and political issue where we draw the lines of good and bad, right and wrong and who gets to decide. What comes to women and girls many decisions are done without them, decided for them as if women and girls were incapable of knowing and it would be too dangerous for them to decide much anything concerning their lives. I for example have authority over my life but there is pressure for me to accomplish traditional duties that are for women ‘naturally’. My choices are and have been unconventional and questions I hear in repeat tell the same old story where it is almost impossible to imagine and understand why someone does the things I do. It is of course an issue that ironically said does not concern others but me, still anything breaking the ‘normal’ becomes a topic to discuss as does teenage pregnancy, who the daddy is etc. In my case meaning of speech outside of me of me is to control me, judging is one form of control where the guilty one is outside. Those who can talk among themselves and understand each other have power to make decisions and pass judgments. So how do I control myself here? First feelings, then thoughts and then what I say and do. I control myself pretty well, how about you? To control urges, desires, habits is what we call civilised, civil behaviour and it has been how we have made distinction between humans and animals and between people. To know where the limit goes is matter of education. And what are those limits deemed to be broken, how progress happens.

Sometimes when it is about adults still one has to talk like talking to minors: When one talks whatever and word is passed forward, it cannot be controlled. I too make judgments of people. I make them by how they treat others. This is about how one controls one’s behaviour towards others, it is about respect and knowing boundaries there are. It is about knowing what human worth is, how to value life of any being. To control our violent urges and needs we stay in a state of not harming. “I learnt early and often that one doesn’t leave a place, class or culture and enter another, but rather holds the privilege and burden of many narratives simultaneously.” “sexual assault is about power, not desire



The issues that are being controlled firstly are sexuality, body image and creative mind. Enjoyment and lust defined and put to shame, maybe it is scare. This goes especially for women. Female is essentially a threat. She is vulgar. Her sexuality and expressing it threaten the order of straight world, traditions, religions and state. We live to enjoy products and services, to feel good inside a frame. We have to work in order to embrace ourselves as tools, our achievements and as members of a society, society is to provide entertainment for us, it is a way to take care of us. Make us feel part of. We live to have fun, to be entertained, but we must see the effort to afford the entertainment, we must know it is not for free, enjoyment of life. It has to be earned.  To be allowed to form ourselves, evolve and form our daily functions and selves, deeds, identities, form them as they may be ‘not fitting’, society will be formed as a byproduct to be our image. We live in controlling society, society controls us to become of certain kind and we control each other, favor people that are similar to us, please us, we make society a controlling society and ourselves control freaks.