Dark side gets darker.

As long as feminism is spoken and addressed by middle class only it has value of marginal jargon. Academic talk does not reach those whom it should benefit, whom feminism was made to benefit. That is the drawback of academic philosophizing and towering. Meaning of ideas and core of any worth while idea is in action. Value of feminism is how well it functions in every day, for every person and makes the grass root. How well it manifests itself there where people interact with each other. Without action feminism is dead. If people are afraid of feminists, of declaring feminism, being feminists, good question is why so. To deny feminism is to deny human rights from women. Why feminism has become ‘unfashionable’? Women who fight for their human rights are unfashionable? We better change the fashion.

Being a good sport and playing it safe do not make the wanted effect. Revolution is in action. To play it safe is what academia does. Talk is not trustworthy enough, it is not good enough. People who play it safe are not trustworthy. Universities do not risk finance, reputation, status, jobs nor continuation of academia as it is for ideological fight.

To take action for what one believes in and most of the society does not is putting all at risk. Nothing will change unless we take such risks.