Confessions of an Erratic Marxist – Berfrois, video of a lecture.

Confessions of an Erratic Marxist – Berfrois

The excellent Yanis Varoufakis, but pay attention, no women take stand to ask a question. It is important for women to have a voice and reclaim power by standing up and speaking up. Forget your fear, forget the idea of the fragile sex that does not have a voice and has to rely on men who speak and take the stand, who openly use their heads to solve problems and make conversation. Standing position when performing your cause may be important for some in many ways. It is not insignificant how one operates and makes oneself heard. Often when men who have power are portrait they stand in front of an enthusiast crowd or alone as masters of their field, as bigger owning the space and the situation, owning their cause and the future they make. It is not probably very female to speak forcefully to agitate. If women throughout the history have done so, agitated loudly, showing publicly that they are capable of complex thinking, they have been thought to be too manly, rude interrupters of public status quo who must be silenced. How much this is true today is to be guessed, but reasons to be afraid are there, mostly it is shame that women bear for being the weaker sex. It has not been proper for women to speak as men do. It has been a great loss. Women should perform as people as anybody and as women. That is not less to speak as a woman, it is different.