I ride the wave that is what I do

It is difficult to point to direction of those smooth guys and place the blame on clean-looking, polite and correctly behaving politicians on a red carpet waving (not carrying guns, but image of a gun is upon them, built-in their moves). The act of correctness has immense impact, a trained performance on media stage, an imitation of certain kind of hygienic perfection. Forming perfect sentences, speaking in tone, well-chosen, friendly, amusing, joking and funny. Funniness appeals (is that why they joke on set or is it to hide something), verbal seduction and smelling good. Interesting is the connection between amiable smell and words said. It is part of politeness to create light atmosphere. Our senses, traditions, make-believe and biases are in an important role when focusing on and using stereotypes and how stereotypes got made, how they live and create our world. That is what stereotypes do strongly and strangely; create what we see, want to see and hear, and we creating stereotypes again in return, giving back the received filth ignoring truth. Prejudices being translations and rendition of the unchanged melody.