Betrayal is the ultimate lesson which many never learn: It is to know that you will lose in the end.

To have power over many means is to be corrupted by power? How immediate the corruption is, how in-depth and thorough depending on why you seek power and what you want it for. You get or are given power for various ways and reasons and you think it is something to own and call yours only, something you deserve for what you are and what you represent. Power is liberty to do what you will and responsibility not to, it is to pleasure yourself, indulge, bath in and feel grand. To do exactly as you please in position of power is something many think they can, it is when you do not understand what power means and is for and that everybody has power.

What kind of power is used within and with art, to what kind of people power is given is interesting as it is clearly misused and abused for personal interests and gain, used to glorify and make grandiose, to talk about progress without making any. To whom power is given is the issue of those who grant power. It is thought power is for those who are the most capable, trustworthy and fair people. We assume people who have power deserve it and know what to do with it. To take power away from those who disturb this balance is part of the power game that is played within art. Art is a business and how things look is the most important thing. It makes hypocrisy one big phantom that cannot be faced nor admitted to existing. When there is a lot to lose financially and in status all the fine arguments, ideas and talk play the charade and as acts to glorify something that is not that at all, something good and worthwhile.