Oh yes, about trauma and how one gets traumatized. I think we all are to a point traumatized, because that is the very essence of living. It is unavoidable.

To be traumatized is a very undervalued thing, because everybody should get traumatized. Life is a case of over-protection we try to maintain, but it is not possible, protection. So how to know what traumatizes, what is actually hurtful and what kind of hurt is something one can take. To what point should we protect our children for example? I mean don’t get traumatized and shit. It is like a joke. Did she get a trauma or something. An emotional shock and a disturbing happening, scary invasion, intrusion by something out of the ordinary which shakes a balance, does something hurtful. Injustice, lovelessness, hate, contempt, long-enduring ill-treatment. Is there something else than that? Hurt causes trauma. Question is do images cause mental imbalance, do images traumatize? Clear is that people do shit to each on daily basis without it being anything out of the ordinary, or without even knowing there would be something wrong about it. How do they get to that place of ignorance and arrogance?

#happytobeawoman? over-joyed

MY dear Lord, I love the art community. Which one? All of them. I really have the deepest faith in you. Cheers art! Keep on standing on the good side. Love the healing you do. Art is not about healing, what the fuck did you think. What is it about, because if they wish art to be cute as washed vagina. Is that your idea of cute? I don’t know. It’s a show off. O’ dear, I’m confused.

In short what I have to say about art scene as it is called is this: It is full of shit, full of pretentious fucks who have a high opinion of themselves, who like to net work and play buddies. It is a sadistic playground of shallow idiots. There is a trauma for you, sadly it is very real.