Hello Nice Meeting You, i am miss jamila, i wish to have you as my friend, please could you get back to me for more detail of my self, and all maybe necessary in relationship including my picture, if this interest you get back to me.yours jamila.

Holiday Charity Drive in Humanity Ball. Come and Dance!

Join us in spreading the Light by giving HoPE, one of the happiest Diwali experiences of life – Diwali is equivalent to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc.., and we are throwing grand band dandy handy

Every donation counts

Humanity Healing International – Holiday Charity Drive Holiday

Let’s hope. How to remove evil?

About fragility, and what has art got to do with it.

How often I have heard the phrase artists are fragile, or drunk, unstable with strong libido, unreliable, weird so that one has to be checked out if one can come to a fancy dinner party with curators etc. Yes, as an artist I’m a special fairy, broken, available for any kinds of use, because I’m desperate to succeed. How did you know.

How about that for irony. What if you guys update to this decade. How fragile am I?


Dear Sayed Se Ja Se Nussi, who is writing for Abdullah Se Nussi, I don’t think this is very interesting to me, but I hope others may enjoy my spam. Regards, The Bearded Lady, A fairy-like heavy-weight lifter on high heels spam tamer splash splash and whip.

Inquiry Laadidaa. Do you feel sick? I do.

Sayed sayed7071@ovi.com

Aug 10

to undisclosed recipients
I am an Aid to late Muammar Gaddafi Intelligence Chief, Abdullah Al-Senussi who is in detention after he was arrested
at Nouakchott airport Mauritania. The Libyan prosecutor general has sent an extradition request to the Mauritanian
government through Interpol for him to return home for fair trial in Libya.
As regards to this, he has asked me to move some of his funds to an offshore account hence my contact with you. I
want to solicit your attention on to receiving funds on his behalf considering your experience in implementing corporate
solutions and vast years of business intelligence and because my status would not permit me to do this alone putting
into consideration the current events in Libya.
If you are interested to help us on this transaction, be aware that you will be well compensated.
Let me know if you can help us so I can discuss among other things the security and procedures to move the fund to
you as soon as possible.
Awaiting your reply
Sayed Se ja Se Nussi
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Please go and fuck yourself, ok.

Treated like a terrorist? What the hell did you do? But he is a funny man. Aha ha ha a. Secretarial loath panic hate crew, whose world is centered around themselves, keep on typing.

eh. I take photographs, are they provocative perhaps, definitely.. I like provocative alarming mind-tickling work with info of the World we live in. Oh yes also, I tend to criticise practises in the fine arts and hit the nerve. They don’t take criticism too well, isn’t it odd. Yes. There is a lot to criticise. Like how did he get the pictures for the column? Hopefully the scene seems more transparent now and in the future, hope art is for everybody, because at some point I thought it’s not for me. Isn’t it curious. You are right it isn’t for you.

Do I like bombs? No, not really, but they exist and cause horrible damage in people’s lives.

(So you thought I was commenting you with my pictures. Why would I have.)

Taide parantaa ja eheyttää mielen. No en tiedä, liikaa hävittävää (kuten?), kuka uskaltaa pysyä totuudessa, ja onko totuus tärkeää taiteessa. Mikä on totta, Kusetus tuntuu olevan.

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Buy Now! or somebody else gets it! Question: What is humanism? Tough one. The winner is the best cheater and bullshitter. Terveisin tosi narsisti.

Strings or not

What is love? You can see the absence of it. Can you see when someone is in L? Probably. Love has nothing to do with fear. You should be able to trust the person who loves you, right? I knooow, it’s not a hmm…simple matter. Love is complicated and precious, it should not be played with. There is not enough love in this world. Why did you think you could just play?