Dear D,

Thank you, you showed me what human mind is, how it works (in the end it’s fairly simple to know and guess the rest), what is ignorance, contempt, how hate works inside out and what it does, not nice. (What did she say Ö) I can see straight through you. I always could. You just didn’t know. It’s so sad how little faith you had in me. Now I have ended up thanking you, and it is the last time. Do I sound like Christina Aguilera? 😀 Love Christina.

ps. Love and take care of your kids, it’s not a joke. Oh stop it, you are breaking my heart. Bullshitting me..oh please. Collective artistic haters is really a strange phenomenon, I am gladly out. Cut the crab. ok. Nighty-night. Just one more thing, is it so that curator is always right. YES. Isn’t it a weird world. You bet. Get over it. lol. Asshole. Don’t get rude. oh no I won’t.