In every offence of no offence

Fear of the dark, whiteness driven world moving like a solid block, like constant non-, and denying blackness, denying darkness and shades around and in. It is a common and united agreement to stay still in white, sudden touch can be allowed, but not to draw on. It is a curious world of forbiddances, bans and ignorance put together on a seemingly narrow path. In a world for eyes only, what is it that pleases the eyes. Aim to please, aim not to irritate, not to cause conflict, quarrel or a thought, my goodness. It can be beautiful in its undressed way, but still it cannot look at nudity.

Sanctity of white wall among us, purity, uniformity, monotonous design patterns. Repetition and cleanness are part of the legacy of modernism. Lack of tone, sensibility and variety of beauty. Partly modernism can be accused. It is an ideology of simplicity, purity of form and functionality. Partly and largely the politics of construction business made and municipal politics demand for efficient and greedy economy can be accused.

Finland is a good example of this. How urban planning has been made into templates. Variation isn’t that popular as long as it looks profitable and lures certain kind of people to buy apartments. Clean, quiet and safe suburb is a positive and good to have dot.