What is respect? Who gets it? Is it when you get something from someone then you can respect that person who gave you something? Respect as giving returns.

We understand differently what is respect, right? Since it is obvious for some it falls on the lap and some have to earn it, some never gain respect. As it seems all people are not respected equally then what is respect? It has become to mean a difference between classes, age, wealth and gender. What do we have respect for there are our values. Our appreciation to something is a direct reflection of our world around and what we are accustomed to value and respect. What we loath and make distance to. It can be very unconscious, yet very much unquestioned method and view via liking, loving, disliking and hating. It is quite amazing how much without thinking such emotional and irrational choices get made. We like to think respect is good manners and taking into consideration that one is not alone in this world. That guideline is good basic idea of civilized mutual respect, to not cause hurt, awkward moments. There may come a point when those so-called good manners fail and they are nothing but theater with not much meaning but to keep something going on without change.