Obsession over appearance and need to tell all about a person via looks. When appearance is trusted more than the actual body of work.

For me it has been a weird notion to realize that I cannot be ugly or beautiful. I actually should not exist, my qualities are too much to take, to believe me is impossible and me impossible to accept. Too much is the difference and not knowing where to place someone who has many skills is a strange dilemma. Expectation for both qualifications beautiful and ugliness is that the person is mentally retarded when too beautiful or too ugly, not to mention what one does for living. You should have made it bigger since you are so beautiful or no wonder you didn’t make it since you are so ugly. Or beautiful people don’t have to worry because they will manage. There will always be need and opportunities for those looking good. Temptation to put down is too easy to go for but is exactly why chance is taken, easy ways are for the lazy. In any case need to push that person who cannot be tolerated beneath is immediate, it is a test in continuum without other results than maybe an understanding for those who do sadists acts because they can. Bullying is an act of low where civil people should not go but do over and over again.
Vanity is the worst obstacle for progress and unity. What a tragedy for that person who is judged by appearance so shortsighted. It is a tragedy also for those who do the judging especially when there is no way for apology and admitting wrong doing since damage is severe and dignity is lost. Appearance does not correlate with what brain is capable of doing nor does gender, clothing, place of origin, how much money the person has etc. Smart phones do not make us smart, NY does not glorify us as people nor give more professional excellence to your persona or your work as such, it is what you have to contribute, what you stand for, why you do your work. When you stand for vanity and see it as good thing, as does most of the world, then value is build via things and scenes that stand for looking good, having a good life, defining good life via things, prosperity, possibilities, cool and new vibes, greed follows.

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/09/opinion/being-dishonest-about-ugliness.html?WT.mc_id=D-NYT-MKTG-MOD-56642-1114-HD&WT.mc_ev=click&WT.mc_c=“So how is a child to grapple with the savage social hierarchy of “lookism” that usually begins in the playground, if adults are so clumsy about it? The advantage of beauty has been long-established in social science; we know now that it’s not just employers, teachers, lovers and voters who favor the aesthetically gifted, but parents, too.”