What kind of traveling is worth while? Is that the right question? How to travel and where to go?

This is a journey, this is a journey, this is a journey, this is a journey, this is a journey, this is a journey, this is a journey, this is a journey. When this is not a journey, journey a cliché, I am not moving much but I am making progress. The desire has left me to physically travel. Do we look for an end or a new beginning on our way and how to make progress? Do we choose a new way or the same way over and over? When I repeat this small many times used sentence this is a journey I get a grasp of what this voyage we are trying to do is. We need to have a destination and repetition, a pattern to repeat, we need to know how to get there where we are going, what is there, that there is something for us. That we are safe. We are not doing our journeys for nothing. It is about moving, making something worth while, having been somewhere and returned. If we don’t move we are stuck is the contemporary ideology.

https://ceasefiremagazine.co.uk/alain-badiou-badiou-deleuze/ “Badiou cannot deal adequately with forms of life in either ‘coded’ or ‘overcoded’ social groups. Worse still, he is unable to pass beyond the capitalist way of arranging social life. A post-Evental world is necessarily restored as axiomatic – which is to say, as a variant of the capitalist way of organising social life.”