When temper is freakish

Women with temper are said to be good in bed, women with temper are seen in strange ways which associates with sexuality, funniness, a bit childlike tantrum and troubled mind. You simply cannot lose your temper because to stay calm is what a lady does whatever happens she does not yell, scream back at you, swear, hit, spit at you, give you a speech you have always needed to hear to fall down to the ground. To me that is what a true lady does exactly when there is no other way to be understood. In a world where women are seen inferior, second-class and intellectually incapable calmness is connected to having abilities like strength of mind, maturity and grace. Women with grace who float beautifully doing their tasks in manner that nobody notices, without complaints, tip top smelling good, thanking for everything they get, being happy to have those people who love her around, they bring grace to people who are there to take this lovely grace.
To show anger when there is need is vital. It is vital for children and women who are denied this privilege of showing negative emotions and dissatisfaction. It is necessary for their mental health, to clean the air, to have a conversation, just to explode once in a while is good for you. If people around don’t like it, so what. People cannot stand loud noises, if someone raises her voice it is preposterous, outrageous and disturbing. I myself encourage people to argue, have debates with emotions, not to settle to avoid negative awkward moments but to live and talk them through. Solving problems that can escalate much bigger when left unsolved. To be tolerant towards negative emotions of yours and others’ means the effort and will to understand why such emotions occur and exist. Emotions cause an awful lot of trouble and hurt. To understand emotions is crucial to understanding humans, it is crucial to understand yourself. Why do you feel the way you do, how to confront that problem of emotional self, emotional life to live with variety of feelings, to live with those feelings which may come to you every day like anxiety, anger, hate, envy, feeling of misery and lost, emptiness.
I put my temper in to work. I work with my rage, with all of it. It is an undying one, painful and creative. I use my anger to make art and to write. I cannot stand mildness, situations where there is pretense and I have to hide my self as if I was something terrible and ugly, hide me in disguise of well-mannered middle class fucker. That is intolerable.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/prisca-dorcas-mojica-rodriguez/spicy_b_8020760.html?utm_hp_ref=latino-voices&ir=Latino+Voices&ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000052When I hear you call me spicy, I think: yes, I might be. But do not reduce this contextual reaction to my lived-realities because of how different it is from yours.”