Closed systems

Idea of closed systems is to be protective of those who are inside. Control over who and what gets to be in there is to maintain stability, way of life, mind-set, ideology and peace. There is an order which is locked that keeps certain quality alive. Such space is not open to change, progress, evolving, stirring and mixing things up is an abomination. It could be a suburbia, democracy like Finland and it can be fine art. It is a bubble-like atmosphere for people who do not see the bubble until it bursts. There are illusions of tolerance and acceptance, which make people think they are good, on side of good against bad. It makes one think in what kind of culture are we living and what do we actually notice. It is like a group of people who meet only their kind of people and get alarmed around other kind of people. Such world is a dangerous one for those who do not fit in, are not somehow suitable, do not fill the standards. It is also dangerous for those who like their bubbles and closed circles.

P.S. Don’t panic. Please search outsides of your comfort zones.